Hi, I’m Kayla –  I’m a Psychic Medium, and a Mommy-to-be!  I live in Long Island, NY with my husband, Tommy, and our rescue cat, Lucy.  Welcome to my Mommy Blog!  For the longest time I felt like I should be writing, but I really wasn’t sure what to write about.  Lord knows I could write a book, but really who has time for that?  Maybe one day.  When I became pregnant with my first child, I kept hearing from Spirit that I would be writing about motherhood and mediumship.  It seemed pretty cool, but I still wasn’t sure how I would write a book, ya know?  Then, as soon as Uranus moved into Taurus (my astrology peeps know what’s up), it hit me that I would start a blog!  Uranus’ energy hit me like a bolt of lightening, and out of nowhere I was super excited and ready to rock n’ roll!  That’s how “The Mommy Medium” was born 🙂  So, I’m a full-time practicing Psychic Medium for the last 10 years.  I talk to Spirit every day, and have the beautiful blessing of being able to channel for others.  I learned from Pat Longo, my Spiritual Healer and mentor, and she taught me how super important it is to channel Spirit in the Light (God’s Light, or Source, whatever you’d like to call it) in order to protect your space, your energy, the energy of others, and to channel for the highest good of all concerned.  My gift is not something I take lightly!  Now, I’m getting ready for a baby and figuring out how to balance these two worlds.  I know it will be an even bigger adventure once the baby is here!  If you’re reading, then you’ve chosen to share in my life with me and I truly couldn’t be more grateful – thank you!  I know that I’m so excited to share my life with you guys!