Your Brain Matters

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This week turned into absolute madness in my world when my husband suffered a concussion on Sunday.  He is okay, thank God, but man it’s been rough!  We spent Sunday at the emergency room, Monday at the specialist, and the rest of the week has been spent taking care of him and all of the things that he normally takes care of.  Right now, as I type this, I’m actually on one of the computers at his job, because he was going in for the first time this week for a half day and it seemed silly for me to drive him in and then drive in rush hour to get back home, only to have to come back again a couple of hours later.  It really sucks, he’s just in so much pain.  His head hurts all the time, he’s been nauseous and dizzy, and exhausted in a fog.  And like any man, he wants to power through it all like he’s not as hurt as he really is.  It’s hard for me to see him feel so defeated, but I keep telling him that he needs to rest and take it easy and let his brain heal.  Your brain matters.  See what I did there?  Terrible pun 🙂  Yesterday was the first day he was able to handle being driven in the car, and the first day he didn’t feel like he was being weighed down all day, so that was a huge improvement!  He still needs to take breaks, rest, just take it easy, and slowly but surely he improves just a little bit each day – even when he doesn’t see it himself.  I felt so bad the other day, just because he felt so bad.  He was going to come run a bunch of errands and food shop with me, but once we started driving he was way too dizzy and nauseous from the car to be able to come with me.  So I dropped him off at home, telling him that it was okay and he should go lay down.  He was so upset, and that was just the worst part 😦  When we food shop, we use the big reusable bags so that we aren’t wasting plastic bags, plus they are so much easier to pack and carry inside.  Tommy obviously can carry heavier bags than I can, especially right now with me being pregnant, so he was very upset that he couldn’t help me with that.  Of course, it was fine though!  I filled up the bags and only had to lift them into the car, and Tommy met me outside when I got home to bring them up the stairs and inside.  Really it was parking at the very end of each parking lot and walking through the sweltering heat, since everyone in the world was also food shopping that day; that was the challenge for me!  I can’t stand the heat!  So a stop off at the doctors office, Trader Joes, Shoprite, and then on my way home to get ready for my afternoon clients!  After my readings I made Tommy some dinner, and then got on a video call for a mentoring session with one of my favorite clients in Australia, and after that I think I slept for 11 hours lol!  And that was just one day this week!  It’s been busy balancing my schedule and making sure I still do what I need to while making sure that he’s taken care of, but Mama’s gotta do what Mama’s gotta do!  Today was his first day back at work for a half day to see how he does, and I know he’s happy to be back and out of the house for a change of pace!  When I got here, his boss was so nice and told me I could stay if I wanted to so that I didn’t have to drive back home during rush hour, only to have to come right back again.  They set me up with a computer, and I’m happy because either way I am hanging out in the air conditioning answering my emails 🙂  Thankfully, I’m in a position where I work from home and I’m able to adjust my schedule if I need to so that I can drive him into work, or the doctor, or wherever.  Even if we are just home, I can make sure that he’s okay and remind him to take Tylenol and rest even when he doesn’t want to.  Honestly it’s so funny, he’s like a kid that doesn’t want to nap, but as soon as his head hits the pillow he passes out!  (Which has been great for me, because God knows I love to nap whenever I can!)  We are also so grateful that his injury isn’t any worse than it is, and if this had to happen at least it was before this baby comes so he has plenty of time to heal!  Here’s hoping that next week is significantly less eventful than this week has been! 🙂

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