Messages from Archangel Gabriel

blue lace agate2

Spirit works in mysterious ways, but this experience was really something special.  So, I have a friend Jaclyn who channels amazing crystal jewelry.  She is insanely gifted and also an incredible spiritual healer and just has the happiest most amazing energy you could ever want to be around.  She posted a picture of this Blue Lace Agate necklace the other day and I immediately fell in love with it.  I messaged her right away that I needed to buy it from her right then and there lol, and she made it happen.  So this was yesterday, and yesterday Jaclyn was going to one of Pat Longo’s classes and gave Pat the necklace to drop in my mailbox last night on her way home since she lives close to me.  I was excited because I didn’t have to wait for it to come in the mail and I got to wear it last night in my PJs on the couch watching Star Wars with my husband lol!  Seriously, I sighed the moment I put it on, it has the most amazing energy and I was just so deliriously happy!  Okay, so fast forward to this morning, I wake up and I had a really crazy dream involving my friend Sarah, Archangel Gabriel, and Saint Daniel.  So I’m googling, naturally, and finding that Archangel Gabriel is connected to childbirth, pregnancy, babies, and communications.  Saint Daniel is all about trusting in God and His process, that things are out of our control and in His control and to trust in Him.  He was also connected to Archangel Gabriel through prophecy and Saint Daniel was a visionary trained in divination. Anyway, in my dream, it was me and my friend Sarah and these angel charms of Archangel Gabriel and Saint Daniel, and she was talking to me about a miscarriage that someone had experienced, after she discovered that the Gabriel charm had fallen off of something.  In my dream, I said no it doesn’t have to mean that, let’s keep looking, and that’s when I found the Saint Daniel charm and we were both so relieved!  I woke up and had NO CLUE what any of that meant, but knew that there was a message in there, and it felt really important.  It felt like a little more than a crazy pregnancy dream, even though parts of it I couldn’t connect, and something strong made me feel like it was connected to my new necklace.  I had asked my friend Jaclyn if by any chance she knew if Blue Lace Agate or the necklace were connected to Archangel Gabriel in any way – since angels work with stones, and stones have certain properties, etc.  She told me that Archangel Gabriel was exactly who she had called in when she was programming and blessing my necklace!  She said he is her go-to for all things childbirth, pregnancy, and throat chakra related (which are all properties of Blue Lace Agate, as well).  I was floored!  Jaclyn is also gifted at dream interpretation, and when I told her about my dream that I couldn’t quite make sense of, she shed some light on it and it all came together.  I was so focused on the person that Sarah was telling me about in the dream, that I ignored the fact it was Sarah who was talking to me, and we were in Sarah’s house, and the message was entirely for Sarah because it relates to her present fears.  I called Sarah and told her I had a crazy dream last night with Archangels and they had a message for her.  I described the dream in detail to her first with the whole background of the necklace, and then translated its message to her.  I said that Archangel Gabriel wants you to stop worrying about having a miscarriage, and stop worrying about getting pregnant.  He wants you to let go of all of the fears you have about that and to call on him.  He is here to help you, and your fears had to be extreme for this to come through in this way!  I also told her the meaning of Saint Daniel, and how it’s important to let go and trust God’s process.  Sarah started crying and told me that not only did she just have a conversation with her mom about letting go and trusting God’s process and how Saint Daniel resonated so clearly with her, but she told me that she had also asked the angels for a sign that things were going to be okay with her getting pregnant and that she was on the right path.  She was so amazed that her sign came so quickly and so clearly!  She also told me that the last week or so had been especially stressful for her and she was constantly worried about all of these things that the angels reassured her about with this message.  I was so amazed and so grateful for all of it!!  The funniest part about all of this is that I have never read my friend Sarah, but Spirit made sure that a message got to her anyway.  Spirit will always make sure that you know what they need you to know, and always show you they are there when you ask for them!  This happened to be in such a huge way, not just a random sign, but a serious message that she needed to hear ❤

Thank you Sarah for letting me share this story of your message from Spirit with others ❤



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