Ebb and Flow of Life


What.  A.  Week….  This little boy better be born with a beautifully full head of hair – if not, this heartburn hell is absolutely not worth it.  I don’t know that his hair would really make it worth it for me either, but at least it would be a tangible excuse.  Nothing works consistently… nothing!  Chocolate cashew milk has been my best friend, and even that has a time limit for how long it actually works. 😦  Also, I officially despise Tums.  Last week I thought I liked the chewy ones that are like skittles, but really when you pop them like skittles they have much less of an appeal, and really they’ve just stopped working anyway.  So, I’m praying for beautiful baby hair!  I had such amazing and wonderful clients this week, and Spirit totally rocked!!  The energy felt so different in the air this week, maybe it’s still riding out that New Moon energy lol, but it was such a happy week of readings.  The rest of my week was a little tough with this baby and with my fur baby having extra anxiety the last few days, but it’s just about the end of the week now, and I am so looking forward to the weekend and praying for no rain!  I dropped my husband off at work today (we are able to share a car since I work from home) and got some errands done (hooray for BedBath!) before I went home to start reading for the day.  When I got home though, I found that Lucy (my cat) had puked up all of her food all over the rug (she has *extreme* separation anxiety, and is on Prozac – which does help).  Soooo that was fun!  LOL!  I operate down to the the minute on my schedule so I was less than pleased to fit in “Clean up cat puke” before smudging and setting out my crystals before my readings.  After my clients left I had time to make a quick run to the Birkenstock store ❤ (my feet love nothing else these days, and honestly they are just the most comfortable sandals in the world), pick up some cooked sushi, and sit on the beach for the sunset.  It was a little chilly, but absolutely gorgeous and so relaxing!  I thanked the angels for the beautiful day and for more to come, for a beautiful life.  I thanked them for all of the little things, knowing that everything works out the way it’s meant to and letting go to trust the process.  My days may not always be perfect, but I try to make an effort to find that balance and bring me back to center.  Even while I’m sitting on the beach and the heartburn is rising in my throat.  Even while I’m trying to meditate and relax but my baby is kicking to the point you can actually see my belly jump.  Even when I know how much I have to pee but I want to stay just a few more minutes, and then he starts kicking my bladder and it’s excruciating.  Even though I was only at the beach for 20 minutes, it was what I needed at the end of the day.  My life feels busier than ever with cleaning, organizing, bills to pay, clients to schedule, phone calls to make, doctor appointments, house repairs to schedule, ant traps to lay out – it’s like a million and one things on this list and even as I cross things off of the list, somehow the list never really gets any shorter.  Some days it can be super stressful, but on days like today I try to take my own advice and find just a few minutes for myself at the end of the day, just because I can.  I knew I would be mad at myself if I didn’t drive down to the harbor for the sunset, so even though I was tired and wanted to rest, I went anyway and was so happy that I did.  It relaxed and re-energized me and set me up for a great and productive night which will hopefully carry over into tomorrow 🙂 I am so grateful ❤

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